my 7-step web design process.

Here’s my 7-step recipe for success. This streamlined process helps keep costs down and efficiency high.



In the discovery phase I get to know you and your business. We go over your needs and goals for the project so that I can provide an accurate quote. Once a quote is agreed upon it will never change, no hidden fees and no B.S!

deep dive2

deep dive

Once you’ve been onboarded the real fun can begin. We take a deep dive into your goals for the project and how a new website will help your business. This includes thorough market analysis and competitor research. We also nail down the design styles, colors, fonts etc. that you’d like to use by looking at curated inspiration from your industry and beyond.

website strategy


Using the findings from our deep dive, I put together a road map for your website. Collaboration is important here! You provide me with the text you’d like on the site and I create a structure and layout that will guide users to your desired outcomes.

website design step

design it

Once you approve the overall site structure, I move on to the design phase. This is an iterative process starting first with wireframes, then moving to high resolution mockups. There will be constant communication here and you can provide feedback every step of the way to ensure you’re happy with the direction of your new website.

build website

build it

Once your website has been designed, I setup a temporary domain or “staging site” where you’re able to view my progress. This lets me build your entire site without having any downtime on your current “live” website.

website launch

launch it

Your website is built and it’s ready to launch! I thoroughly test the site to ensure all integrations are connected and that everything is working as intended. Then I transfer your new website to your current “live” domain. Houston, we have lift off! This is also where I deploy backend and site speed optimizations to ensure a smooth launch.

website training


Before I send you on your way, I provide complimentary training videos. I cover everything you need to know to operate your new site, including how to use your visual editor called Elementor. This lets you easily update text, images, etc. or even add new pages, posts, and products! It’s all done visually with an intuitive drag and drop interface.